Clients personal stories about their experience with EC

"The Emotion Code has helped me navigate through all my past in order for me to release them for a better understanding of my physical well-being and spiritual growth. I was awestruck when the emotions were released. Every sense in my body was heightened and all the "pressure/feelings" were lifted, leaving me with a feeling of FREEDOM! I never dreamed of being a part of creation in the presence that I am now! With all my heart, thank you!"

- Trever M. 

"After the passing of my mother, I had this unsettling feeling that I needed to be doing more with my life. The feeling of this was almost indescribable but every time I went to do something for myself fear would take over as it did my whole life. I never understood this fear and why I was choosing to stay in this state until I received my first emotion code session. I became aware of all these beliefs that made me feel like I wasn't safe to be myself, that I had a fear of not fitting in. When I was finally able to have these beliefs cleared, my world opened up in unimaginable ways. I no longer play into the fear and for that I am forever grateful for this work."

- Kayla B. 

"Kayla, you are the best reader I have ever been to. A standard psychic reading doesn't even hold a flame to this work. I am in shock by what came out, and while I am still processing all of it I physically feel the difference in my body. Everyone needs to know about this work. This kind of work that WILL change the world - Thank you, I cannot wait to continue our sessions and see what else will come through."

- Cassie A.

"HOLY MOLY! That was intense!!!! I always knew I'd be the one to break generational stuff in my family, I just didn't realize it would go as deep as it did! I also can't believe the difference in my children. It's like my whole family had a dark cloud pass from over us. I know each session is going to get better and better. Can't wait to leave an update!"

- Jeanette S.

"I just feel different. I never "believed" in this work but something in me just needed it. I see why now."

- Chad B.

"I came to Kayla to help me through leaving a very abusive relationship. I just didn't have the strength to move on when I knew how dangerous it was getting for me to stay. A session with her allowed me to not only see the trauma and lessons that were keeping me in the relationship but also what he was experiencing and what he was internally battling himself. Not even 3 sessions in with Kayla, I was finally at peace and standing strong in my truth and not scared at all to leave. I knew what needed to be done for myself but also out of a place of love for him. We ended up splitting through a conscious uncoupling where both of us spoke from our hearts and agreed it just wasn't working. He went on to be an extremely loving husband and father, and I am living my best life without needing to keep myself in relationships that don't serve me. I am a HUGE advocate for this work and highly recommend it to anyone. If it's calling you, there's a reason for it!"

- Heather G.

"Crazy how "Ah Ha" I feel when I read the after session email. It's like you're in my head."

- Amber F.

"I met Kayla at a party and she started talking about what she does for a living and I was intrigued since I just started to get into manifestation and spirituality. We talked for hours and I just fell in love with her and her energy. She gave me a taste of her work while we were at the party and I was HOOKED! I could not believe what came out first. It was like the Universe was saying HERE'S YOUR SIGN. I knew I was going to start working with Kayla regularly but then got a little scared about what could come up. I ended up holding off a few weeks but something kept telling me to do it. I think I stalked her website a hundred times a day! When I finally took the plunge, my life changed in incredible ways, I feel like a brand new person. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner but I know everything works out when it's supposed to. 10 out of 10 I highly recommend her. Just try it, you won't regret it!"

- Jess F.

"I needed to stop smoking badly and tried anything... to no avail. I asked Kayla if she could help. She was honest and said that she had never done it but was willing to try it out so I took her up on it. I mean what harm could it do... She was able to expose some of the deepest parts as to what caused me to smoke in the first place. Once I understood how my parent's addictions, my obsession with belonging, and the guilt and shame played into my cigarette addiction I was able to quit cold turkey. It was like I just no longer needed or wanted to be that person anymore. I am now the healthiest I've ever been and only getting better. She did more than help me quit, she gave me the courage to be a whole new person."

- David G.