About Me

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"The new era of personal development doesn't just focus on mindset work; it heavily focuses on the bodywork too, as our physical body is what stores our past, present and future trauma" - Kayla Bree

I'm Kayla Bree and I'm not your average psychic as I'm not in the business of predicting your future but I am in this business of helping you dive into EVERY nook and cranny that is you so you can heal, and become the most authentic version of yourself!


Even though I am a natural-born medium with the ability to see spirits and read energies, I haven't always embraced these aspects of myself out of my own insecurities. I had a lot of fear around not trusting what I was experiencing, scared of being different, and god forbid giving someone the wrong message. But through everything I learned during each spiritual encounter I had throughout my life, one message always remained the same - being human is about the experience and how you grow from it, as every experience you've ever had is an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve from. So I knew what I needed to do. I needed to understand my mindset, the root cause of these belief systems, and societal programming that I was subjected to so I could truly know what made me so scared to show up and own every part of who I was and what I stood for. That's when I decided my next chapter would be a journey of personal and spiritual development which led me to where I'm at today, doing the work I'm doing here. Because the world needs YOU and what ONLY you can bring to humanity and it's time to create a society of empowered humans who not only have the potential to change their own lives but impact the world around them!

Through the journey of finding myself, healing old emotional wounds, overcoming my childhood trauma, doing intensive energetic bodywork, transforming my physical health, and fully understanding the degree of my spiritual abilities and the lessons involved with them - I came to learn exactly how energy works, how the human brain works, and the effects that unprocessed emotions have on your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health, and all the answers you've been seeking can be accessed through the subconscious mind and that my friend is where I come in...

My work is a blend of energy clearing, subconscious work, mindset & lifestyle reprogramming, intuition, psychic readings, and channeling whatever spirits come through during our sessions - I call it Energy & Rootwork. We'll tap into your subconscious mind to get to the root any trapped emotions within your mind & body so you can evolve past old patterns, break generational cycles, and clear any mental blocks that stop you from embodying your deepest truths and becoming the person you want to be. Because this is what personal growth REALLY looks like!

Random Facts About Me

>> Two of the coolest mid-sized humans call me Mom and it's the title I'm most proud to wear.

>> I live in a tiny home that I built myself so I can travel, fully embrace my free-spiritedness, and experience life on my own terms. 

>> I live between Florida, Dallas, and Denver but roadtrip all over the U.S. camping in the national parks, swimming in as many waterfalls that I can find, and reaching more people with this work. I found that Florida is where my values are, Dallas is my place for my success and growth, while Colorado is the place that grounds my always-on-the-go soul!

>> I'm publishing a book about my paranormal and out-of-this-world experiences that I've encountered throughout my life, and what they've taught me about being human in this day and age; and what it takes to evolve on an individual, collective, and cosmic scale. The book will be launched sometime in 2021.

>> While I love my country Florida roots, I also enjoy the city life which is why I live part-time in downtown Dallas. Good vegan spots and dancing will always win me over!

>> I am an adrenaline junkie, always seeking new thrills and giving fear the middle finger any chance I get because nothing is more exciting than feeling alive and pushing the limits! You can always find me on some kind of an adventure whether that's mountain biking in Moab, off-roading in mud, racing dirt bikes on the track, hiking in mountains, wakeboarding on the lake, or solo camping under the stars - I'll never say no to an adventure!

>> I'm fueled on plants, but have an undying love for chocolate that I'll never give up!

>> I have a huge pet peeve for people who litter, and you can find me and my kids picking up trash anywhere we go. #justpickitup 

>> I am a 2x business owner and all-around entrepreneur. My other business is Small Town Marketing Co. where I build websites for small businesses so they can be seen and heard online, as well as having my hand in several other projects that light my soul up!

>> I am one of the lucky ones to say that I found my purpose early in life which is bringing this work to the world. Not only did it change my life, but it has changed every single person that I have ever done this work with. Don't believe me? Book a 15-minute taste-tester and see for yourself. This is the work you never know you needed until you experience it!